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ABCS Of Medicare And Medicaid 

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Health and wellness are two important aspects of life. Without your health, your quality of life can significantly decrease. As people age, they tend to experience more health complications. Unfortunately, medical costs can be expensive. Having a medical insurance plan to offset the costs of your medical bills can promote wellness by lowering the fear and anxiety associated with paying for care. Both Medicare and Medicaid are federal insurance programs that provide aid for different groups of people. Learn about Medicare and Medicaid below and see if you qualify for one or both federal programs.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is an income-based medical insurance program sponsored by the United States government. People who make under a certain amount of money annually may be eligible for significantly reduced insurance costs through Medicaid. Income and eligibility requirements vary from state to state. In New York City, people between the ages of 16 and 64 who are currently employed with an income of 250% below the federal poverty line may be eligible for Medicaid. If you could benefit from home care like an aide or through CPDAP, Medicaid may provide coverage for you.

What is Medicare?

While Medicaid is typically strictly income-based, the federal Medicare program is age and condition-based. Individuals over 65 or suffering from conditions like end-stage renal disease, ALS, and other specific disabilities may qualify for Medicare. Under Medicare, there are various plan options to choose from. They are split into Parts A, B, C, and D. Under Part A, inpatient and hospital care is covered. Part B covers outpatient medical care. Part C is a unique form of Medicare often referred to as the Medicare Advantage Plan, which covers parts A and B but could include supplemental coverage like prescription or specialty medicine. Lastly, Part D Medicare covers prescription drug costs.

When choosing which Medicare plan is in your best interest, it’s essential to consider your medical needs. For example, are you frequently visiting the hospital? Do you have high prescription costs? Everybody’s health journey is different, and choosing a Medicare plan that helps offset your medical costs best could help improve your health.

How to Apply for Medicare and Medicaid

There are different application processes for Medicare and Medicaid. Each differs depending on what state you reside in. For New York City residents, Medicaid must be applied for through your local Department of Social Services office or the Official Health Plan Marketplace.

For Medicare, adults are instructed to call the Social Security Administration or fill out their online application. This application process can be confusing for seniors, and having an experienced third-party help you through the process could be beneficial.

In some cases, individuals may have dual eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid. For such elders, both insurance programs must be applied for separately. If approved for both, seniors may receive significantly greater medical coverage than under a single plan.

Medicare and Medicaid for Home Care

For individuals that require or could considerably benefit from home care, Medicare and Medicaid can help pay for an aide. Both a CDPAP caregiver and an outside agency may accept these insurances. If you’re searching for a trusted agency to provide a licensed caregiver for you or your senior loved one, look no further than Rockaway Home Care. We offer care ranging from part-time to live-in aides to support your needs best. Get in touch with us today to request more information about how we can best support you.