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Newest Safety Devices For Seniors

woman walking with a walker and another person helping her along Managing health and safety as a senior can be complex. There is a multitude of concerns that can arise as people age, including security and medical wellness. Thankfully, new safety devices are emerging that can help protect the wellbeing of seniors. Whether caring for a loved one and wanting to keep them protected or experiencing health complications that need to be monitored, there are solutions for you. Below are some of the newest safety devices for seniors to keep you secure.

Apple Watch Ultra

The smart Apple Watch Ultra is one of the most sought-after senior safety devices. This new model Apple Watch offers many features that promote seniors’ health, wellness, and safety. First, the watch offers fall detection, a setting that emits a loud noise and alerts your emergency contacts or emergency services in the case of a sudden fall. Additionally, emergency SOS buttons allow seniors to alert contacts or emergency services if they feel unsafe. Other Apple Watch Ultra features include heart rate, EKG, and sleep tracking. This

helps users ensure their optimal health and know when they aren’t. Lastly, downloadable applications like medication reminders help seniors take their daily doses of medication at the correct times every day.

GE SH50246 Door Stop Alarm

For people looking to protect themselves from a home break-in, investing in the GE SH50246 Door Stop Alarm can help. This tool looks like a regular door stop, but an alarm sounds when a door pushes up against it. With a non-skid base, the doorstop won’t be pushed out of the way. Instead, it prevents people from entering the home by wedging up against the door and preventing it from opening. The loud noise also is a deterrent for burglars and a safety notification device for you and your neighbors. This way, seniors with hearing complications can know when an imminent threat exists. The GE SH50246 Door Stop Alarm can protect seniors from harm.

Mangar Camel Emergency Lifting Portable Cushion

As people age, they struggle more with their mobility and balance. This increases the risk of falls. If your senior loved one has more frequent falls, they may also experience difficulty recovering from them. The Mangar Camel Emergency Lifting Portable Cushion is an inflatable device that helps lift seniors off the ground and into a seated position. When placed under them and activated, it will ensure that a paid family member, caregiver, or home aide can safely return them to a position of comfort.

Keep Your Seniors Safe

Aging is a complex process that requires attention from loved ones. Seniors are at an increased risk of harm from falls and other emergencies that can cause physical and emotional damage. If you or your senior family member has difficulty appropriately caring for themselves, consider hiring a caregiver. NYC has many home care programs, including Rockaway Home Care. Here, we help seniors have the safest and most enjoyable daily life possible. If you’re searching for an experienced caregiver in the NYC area, contact us today.