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Get Paid To take Care Of Your loved Ones With Cdpap

How Rockaway Can Help You Get Set Up With CDPAP

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Get Paid to Take Care of Your Loved Ones with CDPAP

Are you passionate about caring for your family members? The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) empowers you to provide compassionate care while receiving compensation. At Rockaway Homecare, we believe that no one cares more about you than your loved ones. Let’s explore how CDPAP can benefit both caregivers and recipients.

Complete Control Over Your Homecare

CDPAP grants you the freedom to choose your caregiver from among your family or friends. Whether it’s a neighbor, a close friend, or a relative, you have the power to employ a personal assistant who truly understands your needs.

  • Many households already have relatives caring for family members in need. With CDPAP, these caregivers can continue providing essential support while also receiving compensation. It’s a win-win situation that ensures quality care for you and fair compensation for your caregiver1.
  •  CDPAP allows for more flexibility in scheduling and the types of services provided. Unlike traditional home care where services may be limited, CDPAP recipients can have personal assistants help with a wide range of tasks, from basic companionship to more advanced medical needs. This flexibility ensures that the care provided aligns closely with the specific requirements and preferences of the individual receiving care.
  •  CDPAP offers financial advantages as well. Caregivers under CDPAP often receive higher hourly pay rates compared to those in traditional home care settings. 

 CDPAP home care stands out for its person-centered approach, flexibility in care options, and better financial incentives for caregivers, making it a preferred choice for many looking to provide care for their loved ones.                                                                       

  Your Choice, Your Schedule

Close relatives, such as children, can become caregivers under CDPAP. Certification or licensing isn’t required,

  • You have the flexibility to switch caregivers if you’re not completely satisfied with the care provided. Plus, you decide the hours that suit your lifestyle.
  • Unlike rigid schedules set by third-party agencies, CDPAP allows you to create a personalized schedule that aligns with your needs and habits.

Understanding the NY CDPAP Program

 The New York (NY) CDPAP program, also known as the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, allows individuals in need of home care services to choose their own personal assistant to provide care. This unique program enables individuals to select a caregiver of their choice, including a loved one, such as a family member or friend, instead of being assigned a professional caregiver. Through the CDPAP program, individuals can receive assistance with daily activities in the comfort of their own homes.

 To enroll in the NY CDPAP program, individuals must meet certain eligibility requirements, such as being a Medicaid recipient with a medical need for home care services.

Empowering Caregivers

Rockaway Home Care recognizes the vital role caregivers play in maintaining the well-being of their loved ones. 

Whether you’re caring for an aging parent, a sibling with disabilities, or a close friend, Rockaway Home Care ensures that caregivers receive support for their selfless efforts.

Contact Rockaway Home Care Today

If you’re ready to explore CDPAP and get paid for providing care, reach out to Rockaway Homecare. Our Far Rockaway and Nassau County locations are here to assist you.

Far Rockaway Location: 526 Beach 20th St, Queens, NY 11691

Nassau County (Inwood) Location: 260 Doughty Blvd, Inwood, NY 11096

Remember, CDPAP is about compassion, choice, and compensation. Let your loved ones care for you while they receive the support they deserve. Contact Rockaway Homecare today and make a difference in your family’s life



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Homecare and CDPAP: A Winning Combination In today’s healthcare landscape, homecare and the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) go hand in hand. A well-structured homecare service won’t yield results if it’s not personalized to the patient’s needs. This is where our CDPAP services come into play. We offer a range of homecare solutions to ensure that your loved ones receive the care they need in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Homecare Services Include: Personalized Care: Identifying the most relevant care needs for your loved ones. In-Home Services: Optimizing your loved one’s comfort and health by providing care in their own homes. Family Involvement: Encouraging family members to be involved in the care process, promoting a more personalized care experience. Local Care: Enhancing our local presence, making it easier for New York residents to access our services. Explore Rockaway Homecare’s Website To learn more about our homecare and CDPAP services in New York, visit the following sections of our website:

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In conclusion, Rockaway Homecare is your trusted partner for homecare and CDPAP services in New York. We are committed to helping families in this vibrant community succeed in caring for their loved ones by providing affordable homecare solutions and effective CDPAP strategies. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey to elevate your loved one’s quality of life and promote health and well-being in New York. Your loved one’s comfort is our mission!