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Physical Exercises For Seniors


old man and old woman running together When you think about aging, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the changes you might experience as you grow older. This includes physical changes due to muscle depletion, leading to decreased strength, balance, and overall ability to complete daily tasks. By performing physical exercises multiple times per week, seniors can maintain their muscle mass and reduce the rate of degeneration. The physical activities selected must be specific to individual needs since some seniors may perform more complex movements than others.


One of the most straightforward forms of physical exercise for seniors is walking. This prevents a sedentary lifestyle and is known to have a direct impact on decreasing blood sugar and improving cardiac function. Additionally, walking can improve seniors’ mood and emotional balance, leading to a healthier, happier life. Seniors can walk inside, outdoors, or on a treadmill, so the options for this exercise are limitless. As a CDPAP caregiver, walk with your senior loved one to promote their wellness.


Swimming is an excellent exercise for seniors with pain and joint breakdown. People are buoyant in water which makes it a low-impact activity for seniors. It is also a full-body workout that trains both the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. There are many forms of water-based exercises, including lap swimming, aerobics, and resistance workouts – all of which can be done alone or in a group.


For seniors who like organized sports or were more active in their younger years, golf may be a great activity. It is a preferred sport for older adults since it provides physical activity and social stimulation. Further, learning new skills in golf can improve cognitive function. While golfing, participants walk, swing their arms, think about their next moves, and enjoy the sunlight outdoors. If your senior loved one wants to take up golfing, consider renting a golf cart to provide them with a location to comfortably sit between putts. old woman hugging old man the man is sitting


Older adults often struggle with their mobility and flexibility. These two factors of physical wellness are increasingly important as people age because they promote healthy circulation, muscle control, and coordination. There are thousands of different stretches that seniors can pick from. Stretches can be done seated, lying down, or standing up, making it a great exercise for seniors of all abilities. It’s important to recognize that seniors should plan to stretch before any exercise they complete, but stretching itself can also be an exercise.

Exercise with a Home Care Aide

Finding the time, energy, and willpower to remain active can be difficult. Seniors may not be confident in their physical abilities, and this fear can prevent them from seeking out movement. One of the best ways to encourage their physical activity is by offering a supporting hand. Home aides or family members who apply for the NY CDPAP program can act as that support system. The trained aides at Rockaway Home Care will help your senior loved one remain active to promote their wellbeing. To work with our team, contact us today.